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Synapti CAD Product Suite 20.26

Release: Synapti.CAD.Product.Suite.v20.26.14TH.BIRTHDAY-DVT

Synapti CAD Product Suite 20.26

Founded by electrical engineers that were looking for ways to make tools that helped their fellow
engineers, SynaptiCAD aims to help engineers create perfect designs.

Since 1992, we have strived to become a company that creates "tools for the thinking mind".

This drives all of the interfaces of our tools.

SynaptiCAD Tool Suite:

Timing Diagram Editors
* DataSheet Pro
* WaveFormer Pro
* Timing Diagrammer Pro

Simulators and Debuggers
* VeriLogger Extreme (V-2001)
* Bughunter Pro (debugger)

Test Bench Generation
* TestBencher Pro

* Transaction Tracker
* GigaWave Viewer
* Wave Viewer (free)

HDL Translation
* Verilog to VHDL translator
* VHDL to Verilog translator
* Bidirectional

Original Scene Release Read NFO.


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